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Navigation and Preparing for Housing

As relationships are built through outreach, the focus transitions to providing more individualized care.  Our hope is that as we learn specific obstacles and barriers, we can provide tangible steps to overcome their current situation and prepare them for a more sustainable path.  

Our team believes that this is a crucial piece to begin building a healthier, stronger and more confident life. LINC Austin Outreach walks with each individual through the referral process.  We walk hand-in-hand with clients to each appointment to provide support and advocacy.  


Mental Health Referrals and Support

Substance Abuse Referrals and Support

Medical and Dental Care 

SSI/SOAR Referrals, where appropriate

Housing Preparation and Self-Resolution 

LINC Austin Outreach believes in strengthening the whole person utilizing our CORE Values. As we grow the relationships with our clients, we look to prepare them for the next steps.  For each individual, the next steps look different.  Some clients may be eligible for a housing program, while others will need employment referrals or assistance to remove barriers impeding housing self-resolution.  

Preparing for Housing 

    Navigation and Referral 

        Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

        Rapid RE-Housing (RRH)


    Income/Employment Counseling and Referrals 

        Job Training and Trade Education Support/Referrals 

        Employment Support


    GED and College Referrals 

    Life Skills Education